How To Buy A Used Car In Toronto The Smart Way

You’re a smart shopper, you know what vehicle you want and you know what features you wish to have the most! Once you’ve decided a used car is the right fit for you, you can agree that a new car purchase is not the way to go and it makes sense! Let’s look at some of the facts: New cars depreciate much faster than used cars,

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Things To Keep An Eye Out For When Buying A Used Car

When it comes to bad credit auto loans you’ll want to find a car that suits you the best and one that you know will be reliable, safe and economic for your needs; not to mention at an excellent price! And one big bonus at Autodome Finance Centre is we offer the best vehicles the best price, simply visit any third-party site and you’ll see regardless of our bad credit approvals, our prices are very competitive. For research you can look at things like retail book values to learn more, and read history reports to see the adjusted value based on that car’s history. One great feature is that we’ll provide all the facts and figures upfront to give you the full picture and we’ll also cover things like the vehicles history!

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Autodome goes to Hamilton – ARK Project

Hey #Hamilton! Someone from the #Autodome team came to town and gave away a Tim Hortons #giftcard! #payitforward #autodomeARK #getARKd Join the movement and Pay it Forward. [pl_video type=”youtube” id=”KhsjO87ChcE”]

Why Finance Your Auto Purchase?

The basic math of financing your vehicle purchase versus buying the vehicle outright isn’t as simple as looking at the cash price and adding on the interest payments that come with financing. Saving up and paying in cash can be a good option for some, but financing is frequently an easier choice that leads to … Read more

Fabric Protection for Interiors Stop Stains

Think about how often you wash your bed sheets. Once a week? Bi-weekly? (Or if you’re just out of college, maybe once a month?) Debris can build up fast, but at least you’re thinking about it regularly and throwing it in with the laundry is familiar and simple. In your vehicle, it might be a … Read more