Why Finance Your Auto Purchase?

The basic math of financing your vehicle purchase versus buying the vehicle outright isn’t as simple as looking at the cash price and adding on the interest payments that come with financing. Saving up and paying in cash can be a good option for some, but financing is frequently an easier choice that leads to … Read more

Fabric Protection for Interiors Stop Stains

Think about how often you wash your bed sheets. Once a week? Bi-weekly? (Or if you’re just out of college, maybe once a month?) Debris can build up fast, but at least you’re thinking about it regularly and throwing it in with the laundry is familiar and simple. In your vehicle, it might be a … Read more

Extended Warranties Can Save You Money

Protecting your investment makes good sense The safety blanket of a manufacturer’s warranty can feel good coming out of the dealership. Your ride is fresh, and it’s going to stay that way for the (typically) three years covered by the initial vehicle warranty that comes with purchasing the car. The trouble is that it’s only … Read more