Fabric Protection for Interiors Stop Stains

fabricThink about how often you wash your bed sheets. Once a week? Bi-weekly? (Or if you’re just out of college, maybe once a month?) Debris can build up fast, but at least you’re thinking about it regularly and throwing it in with the laundry is familiar and simple.

In your vehicle, it might be a very different story. Even for how much time most people spend in the car, upholstery maintenance is rarely at the forefront of the average driver’s mind. The morning coffee spills, the kids’ dropped snacks in the backseat, and the debris tracked in from the outside can add up. Weather is a factor and what type of work environment you have. Are your clothes clean at the beginning of the shift and filthy at the end? Fortunately, fabric protection offers a quick, affordable, and easy way to make sure your vehicle interior stays in good shape for the long-term. Protecting your investment is a wise choice.

Protecting Against Stains and More

Common spray-on fabric guard products are a must for maintaining interior upholstery. Most upholstery fabrics come out of the factory with some level of repellency against water and stains, but that fades over time. By using a fabric guard, you can renew that resistance.
Leather Interior Acura MDXSpraying your upholstery will:
–    slow the build-up of debris
–    protect your interior from mildew
–    may also provide good protection against UV rays, meaning the upholstery will have a newer feeling for a longer time.
**Leather and other materials are also easy to treat, frequently with even more affordable options, but remember that these materials will require separate treatment from an upholstered interior.

The last generation had to worry about chemical build-up on the vehicle’s interior, but newer products leave little to no residue, and most protect against all of the usual suspects in problematic staining—coffee sloshing out of your cup, oil dripping out of your restaurant take-home box, and worse. The feel and look of your vehicle’s upholstery will stay the same, and you’ll save yourself the headache of trying to work tough stains out of the fabric.

Spray Now, Save Later

Stains to your car’s interior won’t completely demolish the vehicle’s retail value, but if you like your car looking fresh and well-kept, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. It also says a lot about how the rest of your vehicle has been cared for. Spray-on fabric treatments are affordable and widely available, but refurbishing the vehicle’s upholstery can leave you with a substantial bill in the future, which could discourage you from getting theFabric Interior Dodge Journey upholstery fixed at all. This is also where the trade in value of your investment can be depleted. The dealership or buyer of your vehicle could factor the cost to recondition the upholstery into their purchase of your vehicle. The choices then become either leaving the vehicle’s interior to deteriorate as it ages or protecting it from the elements (dirty, liquid, debris) with a coat of spray-on protector.

Waiting too long to protect the fabric of your car’s interior (or not doing it at all) means setting yourself up for difficulty in the future. But it’s easy and cheap to make the smart move and apply some fabric protection. The sprays have gotten more effective with less downside to the interior’s look and feel, and they treat all kinds of spills and stains without much difficulty. You’ll thank yourself the next time a wayward splash of coffee winds up finding its way out of your cup and onto your front seat.

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