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The Canadian winter is nothing short of legendary throughout the entire world and it is most deserving of such a title. The vast Canadian landscape transforms into a winter wonderland for more than one third of the year. Depending on how north you are, even longer.

Acura ZDX SHawdHere at Autodome we recognize, respect, prepare and adapt our year round inventory for the impending onslaught of Mother Nature’s wintery rage! How do we get our inventory ready you might ask? Well, we seek out the right vehicles. The vehicle’s most poised to combat intense winter driving conditions.

We look for the cars, trucks and SUV’s that have excellent winter handling capabilities. Enhancements such as traction control are pretty much an industry standard on vehicles sold in Canada but the intelligence of All Wheel Drive is not standard. Being a Used Car Dealership in Mississauga and a Premier Used SUV Superstore in Canada, we have the luxury to choose our inventory. And we choose to select vehicles to keep you and your families the safest!

When you are looking for your next vehicle ask yourself; is this vehicle equipped with All Wheel Drive, AWD, 4WD, 4X4, XDrive, SHawd, 4Matic, rear wheel drive or front wheel drive? Different companies brand their All Wheel Drive systems with different names but most of them have the same or very similar functionality when deployed. They Audi Q7 Quattroadd extra traction to the wheels that are in need and enhance the overall performance or steering capabilities while engaged in dicey driving condition. AWD systems are an upgrade to your vehicles overall handling while you are steering through any and all road conditions. However, you really experience their prowess while in slippery, sloppy road conditions.

Are you curious what All Wheel Drive handling feels like or want to learn more about the different variants of AWD? Come to Autodome and one of our All Wheel Drive experts will be glad to assist you, answer your questions and give you a real time demonstration.

Please feel free to contact us here at Autodome at anytime. We have a toll free hotline just for you and we are here to serve!  1 (866) 980-5561

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