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New Staff Announcement

Chad Howson ~ Marketing Manager and Sheriff of Smiles

Windsorite Chad Howson worked as an event production and community manager with Varsity Events Toronto before shifting marketing gears into the automotive retail marketing industry at Old Mill GM Cadillac Chevrolet Buick GMC Corvette. An educated marketing manager found transitioning into the team at Autodome was a natural progression, both career wise and spiritually. The Raja family that own and operate Autodome in Mississauga since 1984 follow the Golden Rule and treat their staff and customers as they themselves would like to be treated. Moving forward, Chad will be handling online communications and media relations at Autodome. From creative and content writing to website and social presence, Chad will be broadcasting the Autodome message that “Life is Chiefly Service” ~ Paramahansa Yogananda and that Autodome is here to kindly serve you and your family.

Get to personally know me a bit more!

Born and raised in Windsor, Ontario (the automotive capital of Canada), I grew up loving the automotive industry. My wife, father, uncles, brothers, friends and neighbours all worked for the OEM’s (Ford Motors Canada, Chrysler Canada, and General Motors Canada) in Essex County and even in Detroit Michigan. Most of them still do! My grandfather even retired after 30+ years in Sales for Ford Tractor Canada. In point, I love automobiles and understand the economical importance of moving metal from the ground up, new and pre-owned.

A fully balanced and harmonious home and work life is my spiritual path goal. I am a husband, soon to be father, e-commerce and traditional marketer, musician, painter, and writer. I am a career driven and social guy, known by my colleagues as the sheriff of smiles. It’s important to share good energy with everyone and smiling makes people young and old feel warm and connected. In my life, I have volunteered at and/or raised funds and awareness for the Canadian Cancer Society, Hiatus House, the Heart & Stroke Foundation, North by North East Music Festival, Fringe Festival, Harvesting the FAM Festival and the Windsor Roller Derby Team. My wife and I also have an extensive art collection featuring more than twenty North American Artists. Here is a look at the most recent painting that I completed on June 30, 2013 called: Universal Birth

Chad Howson Art

Working at Autodome is a true blessing.

Autodome is a forward thinking Canadian used car dealer in Mississauga Ontario. Sachin Raja, has quickly become someone that I view as a mentor and I am humbly proud to work at this store. The entire Raja family are amazing people! When I first entered the dealership, I knew, from the energy within the environment that I was in a special place. During my first encounters with Nik, Nish, Sach and Roger Raja I understood that Autodome was a dealership focused on positivity and building a progressive team to grow in this quickly evolving industry.

It’s really neat to work with a sales team and staff as dynamic as the one at Autodome. There is a real mix of cultures and personalities. It makes the Autodome dealership very organic in that you are always learning new cultures and as a result growing as a human.

Autodome is different than other stores. You can probably tell that by how open this blog post is. It’s important that the word gets out that there is a used car dealership in Mississauga that truly cares, is open to all, full of love and respect for all and completely transparent in their communications as a fair price store.

I look forward to connecting with you at Autodome!

Some of my favourite Quotes:

“More important than being loved is love.” ~ His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

“Strength doesn’t come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”
~ Mahatma Gandhi.

“Imagine” ~ John Lennon

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