Step-By-Step Saving

How to Save Up Money for Buying a Car

step by step saving

Welcome to the third post in our ‘How to save up money for buying a car’ series. Post one was focused on Creating your savings plan and the second post was all about Pain free spending cuts. The third and final post in our ‘How to save up money for buying a car’ series is to the point about step-by-step saving. We hope you enjoyed this series.

Smoking, eating junk food, eating out for lunch: These are all bad habits that are costing you more than just money. Calculate the amount of money you spend on unnecessary food expenses and other bad habits, and think about how much easier it would be to save up enough money for a car if you didn’t throw so much money into those areas. Spending six dollars a day on lunch means thirty dollars per workweek. Add in, say, ten dollars per week for the snacks you pick up at the grocery store, and it’s up to forty. A year of exercising that kind of control in your food spending habits nets you an easy two grand, a nice chunk of change when thinking about a car purchase.

Reducing energy consumption in the name of savings also helps. Turning the lights off, taking shorter showers, or turning the air conditioning up a few degrees can all lead to savings, and plus, you’ll be an environmentalist without even trying.

The day-to-day savings aren’t always so easy to see, so it’s important to keep the bigger picture in mind. Skipping a three-dollar expense everyday means you’re saving over a thousand dollars over the course of the year. Small adjustments like that are all around you.

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